Sunday, February 27, 2011

ShamRock Cafe & Washington, D.C. Productions

Rock out – Irish style!
A tribute to memorable Washington classics like The Indian Wars, Flying Over Hiroshima, Indochina: Part Deux, The Lying King, The Butcher of Baghdad, and The Empire Strikes You In The Back (the long-awaited sequel of the Start Wars saga)!

Hakuna Matata, Mappa Mooooondi & Quid Me Anxius Sum?

The problem-free philosophy!
A timeless question!

MBA, TSA, Golf Pro & Sexintown Rubbers

Master of Business Administration! - Who says business and pleasure don’t mix?
Touching Sensitive Areas
Is your golf game out of this world?
The Sexintown Rubbers always protect their heads, because they know playing safe is just as important as scoring that wiener touchdown!

Chick Magnet & Karma Sutra

Show off your magnetic personality!
Sometimes you’re on top; sometimes you’re on the bottom… hey, it’s karma!

PB Loves J & Cereal Killer

Do you love PB & J? Well, turns out PB & J love EACH OTHER!
Don't they make a sweet couple? :-)
Lots of cereal killers lurking about each holiday season… are you one of them??

Afro Boy, Superme & Incredible

Prepare for the funktastic!
Are you super underneath?

Beer Me Up! & Breakfast Is Coming!

Take us to your brewer!
Have fun at breakfast time with this out-of-this-world design!